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"DODECAHEDRON have just announced their first ever live appearance! The world premiere performance of these Dutch post-black metal aficionados will take place at the as eclectic as renowned Incubate, held in Tilburg, Netherlands from the 15th to 21st of September this year. They will be joined by label mates and progressive champions Exivious among many more."

More info can be found on Incubate.org here: [ Incubate 2014 Line-up ]

18 / SEP / 2014 - UPDATES:

Live reviews of the debut show can be found via the following links:
[ 3voor12 (NL) ]
[ Ghost Cult Magazine (EN) ]

[ Wyrd's Flight (EN) ]


No jokes here. I Just woke up after one of the most demanding and intensive drum recording sessions I've ever done. All full-length tracks played with every drop of blood, sweat and tears I could give.

I feel totally exhausted, but very proud to say that the debut-release of ULSECT will contain some of the most extreme, energetic and heavy drum work I've played in the studio! The recorded material is rich in contrast; shifting from blast-beat frenzies and heavy pounding drums to delicate dark passages. Combining that with the great drum sound we've captured, I'm safe to say that this debut album will become very memorable..!

Many thanks are in order, but I'll save those for a bit later. In the meantime, keep an eye out for photo and video footage of this drum recording session that will be released the upcoming days.

14 / APR / 2014 - UPDATES:

Here's a short play-through segment during the ULSECT drum recordings last month:

[ short drum teaser video ]

Stay connected for more or visit [ facebook.com/ulsect ] for updates on the progress of the album.
27 / MAR / 2014 - UPCOMING RECORDINGS - ULSECT DEBUT ALBUM - CZARCIE KOPYTO PEDALS: Only one more day before we hit it off with the ULSECT drum recordings... and my new Czarcie Kopyto pedals arrived just in time!!! Amazing pedals with exceptional precision and power! Many thanks go out to Władysław Suława and the Czarcie Kopyto team for the amazing workmanship and on-time delivery!

More on the Czarcie Kopyto custom drum pedals can be found here:
[ www.czarciekopyto.com ]
21 / MAR / 2014 - UPCOMING RECORDINGS - ULSECT - DEBUT ALBUM: "ULSECT creates dark, extreme music - shifting from dense dissonance to lucent atmosphere. The band features members of Dodecahedron and (ex-) Textures."

Drums will be recorded next week!

Here's ULSECT's brand-new Facebook page for further information on upcoming ventures:

[ facebook.com/ulsect ]


ROBERTO AUSER's "Darkness Walks", featuring drumming of yours truly, is now out and available!!!

In addition to some good music you'll get some of the finest artwork around!

"ROBERTO AUSER presents the second installment on his independent label. Auser and his team combine music, video, artwork and performance creating a mindbending experience. Disturbing, horrific and liberating at the same time ... touch your fear! A real ROBERTO AUSER signature sound in a high quality. With previous releases on Viewlexx, Bearfunk and others, this one comes in carefully designed, beautifully silkscreened and hand numbered artwork by the man himself. Check out the sickest blend of moog music and occultness!"

Check out the detail shots and promo video to know what you can get your hands on:

[ AUS002 Promo ]

[ AUS002 Detail Photos ]

You can buy "Darkness Walks" via the following links:

[ AUS002ltd (Limited Collector's Edition) @ Clone Records ]

[ AUS002 @ Clone Records ]