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Besides my home-brewed music, personal studio recordings and ongoing bands and projects, I enjoy doing session work as a drummer. Although challenging at times, doing session work often yields great rewards for me. I really enjoy stepping into a fresh situation, latching onto someone's musical ideas and help shape that which they have in mind.
Studio Drum Recordings:
I've gained enough experience recording drums and recording with/for bands, musicians, producers and artists to have developed a good know-how on delivering you a very decent and personal product. Whether we're talking about recording drums for a demo, a complete album, separate tracks or drum samples for your music; I have the possibility of recording my own drums independently and professionally and am capable of delivering them to you dry or even completely mixed and produced.

Visit the "Music" and "Videos" pages to preview my drumming and to listen to some of the session work I've done throughout the years.

Feel free to send me an email via the address below if you feel like working together. (It doesn't really matter whether you maintain a casual or official approach.) We can freely discuss terms and I can reply with my thoughts and ideas alongside a quoted price based on the amount of work required.

If you would like to hire me for studio drum recordings, please email to:
[ session@jasper-barendregt.com ]

For general enquiries you can email me at:
[ jasper@jasper-barendregt.com ]

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