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Here are some thoughts on my work from people I admire and respect dearly:

“One of the most consistently captivating aspects of Dodecahedron’s sound is the nervous, propulsive energy of drummer J. Barendregt, whose tremendous rhythm work suggests the skittering, fill-heavy approach of Mastodon’s Brann Dailor in a black metal context. See in particular the early minutes of ‘Vanitas’, where his freeform fills sketch out a jazz fusion foundation for the rest of the band’s doomed lurching (…)”

- Dan Obstkrieg (Metal Review.com)
Music Journalist

“Damn man! You are ready to show the world! Amazing playing.”

- Adam Deitch (Lettuce / Break Science)
Drummer / Producer

“One of the most promising and talented drummers of the new generation. (...) An aspect about him that I value very highly is his extreme reliability. Give Jasper a job he's excited about, and he'll perform at the top of his ability in order to get the final result as good as it possibly could get. A very reliable and commited person that will make sure the job is done in the best way possible.”

- Michel Nienhuis (Dodecahedron)
Composer / Songwriter / Freelance Musician / Music Teacher

“By far one of the most driven and inspiring musicians I've met in years! (...) Someone who's able to see things through a "sound perspective" rather than "just playing drums". (...) He comes up with very intuitive and cool alternative ways of playing and literally lifts your ideas to a new musical level! (...) Very serious when it comes to making music and has a great eye for detail. (...) A very versatile drummer and an extremely reliable person.”

- Joris Bonis (Ulsect)
Producer / Electronic Composer / Guitarist
Drumming / Music Production / Graphic Design

Within my expressions as an artist I search for a field of tension between refinement, complexity and detail, versus aspects that are human-like, earthy and organic.

I make and play extreme music with a human measure, and I produce music with an ear for movement and character.

By maintaining a genre-exceeding attitude while doing this, I can bring someone's work to a higher level and bring something new to the table.

I really enjoy it when musicians take their time to fabricate something they've clearly put all their effort and heart into. For me, this makes music truly unique.

I myself started out playing and studying a lot of pop, rock, metal and fusion music as a kid, which gave me enough musical tools and knowledge to play in bands. First small cover bands and soon after (progressive) metal orientated bands. I never blocked out any other musical styles during my playing. I've always found inspiration in the world of jazz, fusion, metal, percussion based music and experimental orientated music. Click on "Influences" just above, to get a general idea of who I've been inspired by throughout the years.

Currently I have the feeling I'm dedicated more than ever to my vision on drumming: I enjoy drummers who really take note on their sound and have a critical ear for detail, play music in a way that supports the big picture and are technically superior to their musical challenges in a way that their playing doesn't sound technical. My favorite keywords here are; flexibility, clarity, definition and innovativeness.

Not only do I believe the diversity in my drumming (regarding a diverse range of music- and playing styles) is an advantage I can use to my benefit, I know that by absorbing, bending and reshaping these various musical aspects, I'm on my way to transform my fun and inspiration through drumming to a higher level.


Born in Den Haag, The Netherlands on 5 October 1988, I made my first steps into musicianship during my piano lessons around the age of ten years old. At the start of 2001 I began pursuing my biggest passion ever, by taking drum lessons at Musicstation (Musicon) in Den Haag. There I enthusiastically followed lessons by David Barker, Ernst van Ee, Olaf Fase, Matthijs de Ridder and Rob Kramer.

During my high school years I played in various (cover) bands, and later pursued my creative ambitions along like-minded friends by writing own material and rehearsing, jamming and performing around the Netherlands.

Being the fact that I've always been busy with how I sound behind my kit, and started home recording at an early age, it came natural to me to take steps in bringing my critical listening and love for sound to the studio environment. After successfully finishing my high school at the beginning of 2006, I had the option of taking a full-time course in audio engineering at the SAE institute in Rotterdam. (And in December 2007 I earned my Audio Engineering Diploma).

Near the end of 2006, after auditions at different conservatories and music academies throughout the Netherlands, I acquired a position as a student at the Fontys Rockacademy in Tilburg and gathered more experience rehearsing, jamming and performing within a stylistically diverse range of bands as well as studying under teachers such as René Creemers, Hans van den Hurk and Arthur Lijten. During this study I continued developing my audio engineering work as an extension of my drumming, with a clear emphasis on recording and drum production. Although more active on the background at first, my focus was drawn back to this field of work during my final years at the academy, and I graduated as a Bachelor of Music (in the discipline of sound engineering) by writing "Organic Metal Drums"; a thesis on organic sounding drums within extreme metal music.

I'm currently in the last year of my Master of Music education at the Utrecht School of the Arts - Faculty of Art, Media & Technology. By further developing my musicianship, while maintaining a synergy between drumming and music production, I'm building up a career in the contemporary fields of project-based studio drumming, live session drumming and music production. Check out the "Connect" page to read more about the services I provide.

- Jasper Barendregt

Here are just a few of my favorite bands and musicians who have inspired me throughout the years:

Aborted, Adam Nussbaum, Al Foster, Alan Hertz, Alex Argento, Allan Holdsworth, Amplifier, Animals as Leaders, Arcturus, Ari Hoenig, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Arthur Lijten, Aryuserius, Atheist, Augury, August Burns Red, Baroness, Beatles, Ben Riley, Benny Greb, Between the Burried and Me, Bill Stewart, Billy Cobham, Billy Hart, Billy Sheehan, Blake Richardson, Bloodbath, Blueneck, Bob Gatzen, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Bobby Mcferin, Brann Dailor, Brett Garsed, Bruno Meeus, Buddy Rich, Carlton Barrett, Carter Bauford, Cave Men, Celeste, Cephalic Carnage, Chad Wackerman, Charles Mingus, Charlie Persip, Chick Corea, Chimp Spanner, Chris Poland, Clifford Brown, Corrosion, Count Basie, Count's Jam Band, Cryptopsy, Cube X, Cynic, D'Angelo, Daniel Erlandsson, Dave Mclain, Dave Weckl, David Garibaldi, Deafheaven, Dean Brown, Death, Deathspell Omega, Decapitated, Decrepit Birth, Dennis Chambers, Derek Sherinian, Devin Townsend, Dhafer Youssef, Dragged Into Sunlight, Drumbassadors, Duke Ellington, Ed Thigpen, Eddie Locke, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Erik Mongrain, Ernst van Ee, Erykah Badu, Evoken, Exivious, Faceless, Fear Factory, Flo Mounier, Flower Kings, Focus, Frank Briggs, Frank Zappa, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, GH05, Gary Husband, Gavin Harrison, Gene Hoglan, Gene Krupa, Glenn Kotche, Gojira, Gorguts, Gregg Bissonette, Hate Eternal, Hidden Orchestra, Horacio Hernandez, Humanoid, Idris Muhammad, Isle of Man, J. K. Kleutgens, James Genus, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Jeff Hamilton, Jeroen Vrolijk, Jim Chapin, Jimmy Cobb, Jimmy Johnson, Joanna Newsom, Joe Morello, Joel Taylor, Joey Baron, John Blackwell, John Coltrane, John McLaughlin, John Novello, John Riley, John Scofield, John Zorn, Johnny Rabb, Jojo Mayer, Jordan Rudess, Joshua Redman, Joshua Redman Elastic Band, Joy Formidable, Kaipa, Karnivool, Katatonia, Keith Carlock, King Crimson, Kirk Covington, Kofi Baker, Level 42, Liquid Tension Experiment, Long Distance Calling, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Manu Katché, Marcell Dissantos, Marco Minneman, Marco Sfogli, Marcus Miller, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Mastodon, Mats/Morgan, Mats/Morgan Band, Matt Mcdonough, Matthijs de Ridder, Max Roach, Medeski Martin & Wood, Meshuggah, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Miles Davis, Money Jungle, Morgan Ågren, Motorpsycho, Mount Kimbie, Mustapha Tettey Addy, "Narada" Michael Walden, Nerve, Neurosis, Niacin, Nile, Obonu Drummers, Obscura, Ohm, Ohmphrey, Olaf Fase, Omar Hakim, On The Virg, Opeth, Ordy Garrison, Oz Noy, Ozric Tentacles, Pantera, Papa Jo Jones, Pascal Vermeer, Patrick Watson, Philly Joe Jones, Pink Floyd, Planet X, Poogie Bell, Porcupine Tree, Psycroptic, Questlove, Radiohead, Raymond Herrera, Red Chord, Red Fang, René Creemers, Ric Byer, Rob Kramer, Robert Fripp, Ron Carter, Rotten Sound, Rudder, Rufus Philpot, Rune Arnesen, Russian Circles, Scale the Summit, Sean Reinert, Secret, Shai Hulud, Simon Phillips, Soen, Soft Machine, Sonny Rollins, Spinifex Orchestra, Stanton Moore, Steve Flynn, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Steven Wilson, Sting, Storm Corrosion, Subsurfing, Teo Macero, Textures, The Meters, The Watch, Thelonius Monk, Theory In Practice, Thomas Lang, Tipper, Today Is The Day, Tomas Haake, Tony Franklin, Tony Levin, Tony Macalpine, Tony Williams, Tony Williams Lifetime, Tool, Toto, Tribal Tech, Trilok Gurtu, Trilok Gurtu's Crazy Saints, Ulver, Umphrey's McGee, Victor Wooten, Vinnie Colaiuta, Vinnie Paul Abbot, Virgil Donati, Warren "Baby" Dodds, Wayne Krantz Trio, Weather Report, Wim de Vries, Wolfgang Haffner, Wovenhand, Wynton Marsalis, Yoron Israel, Zigaboo Modeliste

and many, many more...

I listen to "good music" unregarding the musical style or genre. I believe opening up your mind to all music and it's diversity is key to musical growth.
Here is an overview of gear and tools of trade used for my musical endeavors:

I'm proudly endorsed by MEINL Cymbals & MEINL Percussion.

MEINL Cymbals:
Meinl 24" Mb20 Pure Metal Ride
Meinl 20" Byzance Dark Raw Bell Ride
Meinl 20" Mb20 Rock China
Meinl 20" Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash
Meinl 18" Mb20 Medium Heavy Crash
Meinl 18" Byzance Brilliant Medium Crash
Meinl 14" Byzance Brilliant Fast Hihat
Meinl 14" Byzance Dark Medium Hihat
Meinl 14” Generation X Filter-China
Meinl 12” Generation X Filter-China
Meinl 10” Generation X Filter-China
Meinl 8” Generation X Filter-China
Meinl 10" Byzance Dark Splash
Meinl 8" Byzance Dark Splash
Meinl 8" Classics Custom Bell

Snare Drums:
Lignum Drums 13 x 6,5" True Solid Birch
Birch w/ Flanged Hoops

Brady 14 x 4,5" Jarrah Ply Shell (Banksia Satin)
Jarrah w/ Flanged Hoops

Odery 12 x 8" Air Control System (Washed Imbuia Fade)
Teak w/ Aluminium Hard Hoops

Pearl 14 x 5,5" SensiTone Brass Shell
Brass w/ SuperHoops

Pearl Session Custom w/ All Maple Shells (Carbon Mist)
10" Tom w/ SuperHoops
12" Tom w/ SuperHoops
14" Floor Tom w/ SuperHoops
20" Kick

Sonor SQ2 w/ Maple Vintage Shells (Ebony)
10" Tom
14" Floor Tom
18" Kick

Czarcie Kopyto - Double
Pearl Eliminator 2002B w/ Blue Cams

MEINL Percussion:
Meinl Spark Shaker
Meinl Headed Spark Shaker
Meinl Motion Shaker
Meinl Foot Shaker
Meinl Rawhide Shaker
Meinl Brass Hihat Tambourine (Professional Series)
Meinl Ceramic Ibo w/ Fibreglass Bottom
Meinl Headed Fiberglass Tri Sound Ibo Drum

Recording & Live Gear:
Custom Built High-End Audio PC
Apple 15" MacBook Pro Laptop
Freecom Quattro 3.0 EHD

Cockos Reaper 4
Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7

RME Fireface UCX
RME Fireface UFX
SM Pro Audio M-Patch 4M
Digidesign Digi 003 R
Behringer ULTRA-DI PRO DI4000

Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad
Roland RT-10K Kick Trigger
Roland RT-10S Snare Trigger (x2)
Roland RT-10T Tom Trigger

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Closed Headphones (x2)
RS Audio DJ IEM3 In Ear Monitors


Shure Sm57 (x2)
Shure KSM32 (x2)
Audix D6
Heil Sound PR48
Beyerdynamic M201TG
Superlux PRA-268AH (x2)
Superlux PRA-228A (x3)
Superlux PRA-218A